"There are a lot of women who are dieting for no reason."



39 years old, designer and ninja warrior



What means beauty to you?

A beautiful woman doesn´t have to be beautiful in a common sense. It can be the way she moves or she talks that can make her beautiful.


What do you don´t like about your body?

Nothing. When I was younger I had problems with my nose. But it doesn´t really bother me and I have never hated my nose. Sometimes I asked myself if I have too many hairs on my arms. But well...actually I don´t really think too much about things like that.


What do you like about your body?

Actually I like everything about it. I´m fine with my body.


Did your relationship to your body changed at any point in your life?

When I was younger I was a bit more insecure. But at some point it just stopped. I don´t know why.


Have your training influenced your relationship with your body?

Yes! Through Ninjutsu I have started to get to know my body better. Now I know every part of it and its function. Now I am able to do a lot of things that I couldn´t do before. I am more flexible, more powerful. I am more self-conscious now! And I like that!


Have you ever experienced negative comments about your body?

No, not really. I guess that I always had nice people around me.

The only thing that really bothered me was that somebody said to me that I have to stop training Ninjutsu because it is not the the right thing for a woman.


Was being healthy and fit a topic in your family?

Not really. My mother had the same body like I have. We are lucky to have a good metabolism. We can just eat what we want and there is no need to care about weight. I am lucky.


Do you understand women who take one diet after the other?

I like the way my body looks. So maybe I would also do a diet if I had a few more kilos. Being overweight is not good for your heart and the body as a whole. But there are a lot of women who are dieting without having a reason. I guess it is the social environment that somehow influences those women.


 What do you think about the influence of the media on the life of those women?

 I´m sure that the media has a big impact. The media can be blamed for the fact that so many women don´t like themselves.


 What is more important for you personally than caring about beauty?

 Friends are important. Very important. You have to care for each other.